Other solid biofuels means what exactly? Edit

"Other solid biofuels" is not a scientific or common term. Instead, it is a term used by Biomass Wiki to refer to any solid biofuel that is not wood or potatoes (see:Potatoes and Juice) and really all have the same basic principle: burning, but are not as commonly used as wood. Examples are manure, sugar cane, and other organic items that can be burned.

Other solid biofuels as biofuels Edit

Other solid biofuels can, like wood be burned because of the presence of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen which burn in oxygen.
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How can we use other solid biofuels? Edit

Like wood, other solid biofuels could be burned in barbecues, glass factories, furnaces, etc.
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How they're used today Edit

Farmers often used manure as fertilizer because of its content of many nutrients, manure being just dead organisms, but members of the rural society also use it to heat their furnaces or stoves. In the early 70's, Hawaiian sugar cane farmers used sugar cane wastes to generate electricity when oil prices rose. On the island of Kauai, the wastes powered nearly a fourth of the island, meaning roughly 113 square miles. Other solid biofuels are rarely used, but have the same potential as wood to replace coal in coal power plants. Some examples are dead leaves and food wastes. Walnut shells can also burn much hotter than wood.

Disadvantages Edit

Burning solid biofuels pollutes like wood. Also, they must be collected to be used, which uses energy.