Biodiesel as a biofuel Edit

Biodiesel is a truly amazing substance that is probably the future of diesel. This biofuel is obtained when the glycerin is removed from fat or Vegetable Oil. The glycerin can then be put into soap and the rest, methyl ester, is biodiesel. Biodiesel is flammable.

How can we use biodiesel as a biofuel? Edit

Biodiesel can replace diesel in a diesel engine or be mixed with petroleum diesel to form a biodiesel blend.

How it's used today Edit

Biodiesel is currently fixing the USA's problem of depending on foreign oil by making biodiesel from native products. It can be purchased directly from the producers and marketers of biodiesel and are available at several public pumps throughout the country. Biodiesel produces less emissions than normal diesel and can biodegrade in case of leaks.

Disadvantages Edit

Though biodiesel pollutes less than diesel, it pollutes nonetheless.